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Legions - EVM Node Security Toolkit

Have ever thought about doing one of the following things from your terminal?

If so I have a tool for you, and it goes way beyond this functionality.


During a recent client engagement we felt the need for a tool to help us poke around some forks of Geth Nodes, and we realized there were no tools available to easily connect and query common endpoints for such nodes. Even though you can manage this with libraries like web3.js, they are more like a hammer, when what we needed was a scalpel.

I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail. (Law of the instrument)

—Abraham H. Maslow (1966). The Psychology of Science

So I began building a tool for that specific engagement. As the engagement went on, certain other tasks kept cropping up, such as simple Wei to Eth conversion, or more challenging tasks like reading the storage of a smart contract.

Is there anything better than a cool command-line interface?

Legions is now open-source and also available on Pypi Package manager.

Simply install the package for python 3.6+ and everything else should be easy to find with the interactive interface:

pip install legions

Legions - Demo for the main functionality

A few of my favorite features are as follow:

ENS tools

The best interface I’ve found to poke around Ethereum Name Service registrars is the app at app.ens.domains. But, I also wanted something in my terminal, and the ability to quickly look up which domains an address owns, when they expire (😈), and other details. Legion provides an easy interface to fetch this information:

Legions - Demo for the ENS functionality

What is next?

I would like to get feedback of the community:

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